Specters Cat JL


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In a twist of fate, the world’s greatest .308 sniper suppressor wasn’t designed in a high-tech lab or by a renowned weapons expert, but rather by a police officer whose moral compass was, let’s say, less than perfect. The Johnny Law (“JL”) was produced for one reason – to drop anyone that didn’t go along with Johnny’s plans at distance. It has been an instant hit in underground markets, steamy South American jungles and dusty sh*t holes. The JL is coveted for its eerie ability to mute the thunderous roar of a .308 to a mere whisper by using what Johnny calls “Sniper2” tech. Its design features an intricate labyrinth of varied, timed pressure compartments that look more like a modern art sculpture and has quickly become the gold standard in the world of stealthy sniper operations. Currently thwarted by the minor detail of numerous indictments, the patent is still outstanding.

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Hub Mount (Direct Thread), Spooky


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