Geissele URGI Airborne Charging Handle, DDC


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The Airborne Charging Handle (ACH), was originally developed at the request of an elite organization famous for its expertise in aerial insertion. Now adopted by USASOC and field tested in the most arduous environments,The USASOC ACH now features a roll marked “Geissele Automatics” and the ACH’s NSN number diminishing the amount of laser engraving and reducing its visual signature. Unchanged are the lower profile lever design that reduces chances of snagging on gear. The handling surfaces of the levers are checkered for confident operation while wearing gloves or during engagements in less than optimal weather conditions. The Geissele USASOC ACH features a gas mitigating fence at the rear that aids in redirecting gas blow back when shooting short barreled and suppressed weapon systems. The ambidextrous USASOC ACH is 3D machined from a solid block of aircraft grade 7075-T6 aluminum and finished in durable Type-3 Hardcoat anodized. The USASOC ACH weighs in at 1.42oz.

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