Geissele Super Precision – Zero Compromise Scope Mount, 36mm ? Black


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The Super Precision? Zero Compromise Scope Mount is purpose built to be the premier mount for the Zero Compromise ZC420 Optics series.

These ultra-rugged mounts were designed for extreme long distance precision shooters that demand the absolute best mount available on the market for their top end ZCS riflescope. Utilizing cutting edge technology and innovative manufacturing techniques the Super Precision? Zero Compromise Scope Mount truly lives up to its name.

A 20 MOA (5.7 MIL) cant is built in to extend usable elevation ranges beyond the natural capabilities of an already outstanding optic. The Super Precision? Zero Compromise Scope Mount features an extended cantilever design of 2.5? moving the optic forward to ensure the perfect eye relief without the need of a bridge.

A compact footprint with carefully thought out precision machined shear lugs ensures the mount stays exactly where you put it during recoil and abuse. Using Geissele?s update of the classic nut and bolt method securely locks the mount to your receiver with 1,400 pounds of clamping force. This system provides up to 3 times more clamping force than any lever system. This method also allows quick installation and removal using only simple commonly available tools without the need for a torque spec. This extremely effective mounting method nets unmatched return to zero under any condition while offering exceptional ease of use.

While Geissele Super Precision Mounts previously featured serialized caps on our mounts, after ongoing testing and evaluation, we found that the caps can be interchanged between base towers without any loss of precision or return-to-zero. You can expect the same quality and performance, but without the hassle of a damaged or missing cap preventing repair of your mount.

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