Geissele Border Patrol Pistol 11.5″, 5.56


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The Border Patrol Pistol is designed and made to be a fully-featured service Pistol with an eye towards retaining mil-spec features where doing so had no negative impact on performance. This Pistol is an excellent choice for those looking for a no-frills AR-15 that will offer years of reliable service.

The barrel is a Geissele cold hammer-forged (CHF) that also features a chrome-lined bore. It is available in 11.5-, 14.5-, 16- or 18-inch lengths. The twist rate is 1:7 and it has a standard 5.56x45mm NATO chamber. The gas block of the carbine-, mid-, Geissele- or Rifle-length gas system is made from precipitation-hardened 17-4 stainless steel. There is a retaining pin that holds the gas tube in place and the gas block is attached to the barrel by both pin and two set-screws. This redundancy in attachment ensures that the gas block is aligned and will forever stay that way unless deliberately removed.

The Border Patrol Pistol is designed to be lightweight and maneuverable while still being robust and dependable. The MK 20 Super Modular Rail is skeletonized to significantly reduce mass, yet offers a sturdy mounting platform with M-Lok slots running its length at 3-, 6-, and 9-o?clock. The keyed mating system between the upper receiver and rail ensures the handguard doesn?t twist or move under hard use.

The upper and lower receiver are the standard Super Duty set. These are forged from 7075 T6 aluminum and are hard-coat anodized. Included are stainless-steel take-down pins, posi-lock safety, Ultra Duty magazine release, and the Super Duty trigger guard.

The Pistol has a Geissele Government Charging Handle. Both levers on the handle articulate, allowing ambidextrous use. The Pistol comes with the H2 buffer and a braided wire buffer spring. The braided buffer spring provides approximately 15-percent more pressure on the buffer. This pushes the bolt carrier group hard enough to ensure the Pistol functions when dirty and when loading from a full magazine. The braided wire spring is less likely than the mil-spec spring to lose length and spring weight over time, making the braided spring more reliable long-term.

The trigger is ALG Defense?s Advanced Combat Trigger that uses mil-spec components improved through coatings. ALG coats the trigger in nickel-boron and the hammer and disconnector in nickel-teflon. These surface treatments ensure the ACT has a pull and function similar to the mil-spec trigger, just smoother and much more corrosion resistant.

Every component of the Border Patrol Pistol has been designed and selected for extended duty use under harsh conditions. For a lightweight, handy and reliable duty Pistol, look no further than the Border Patrol Pistol.

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